I’m a twenty-something year old old woman who is on a journey to live her best life now while planning for the future.

How do I do this?

I do this by being intentional with my finances. As the blog title implies, my money motto is to simply live my best life on a budget.

I enjoy traveling, and I’ve been to some nice places while paying down about $50, 000 of student loans. While my first introduction into personal finance was through Financial Peace University, I do not subscribe or follow Dave Ramsey’s baby steps. While I am a journey to financial peace, I believe that it is important I enjoy the life I have now by spending money on things I value (travel, sometimes shoes).

This blog is about my finance mantra. If you are interested in saving and investing to give yourself more options in the future, then stick around. I am still learning what my money motto is, but I hope you can discover yours too by reading this blog.